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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring for.... Oh Just Kill Me.

I've been organizing the Vancouver component of a national AIDS fundraising and awareness campaign which is nearing its completion. This I've been planning in addition to my full-time Event Planning job; it's become a full-time job of its own. I'm proud to say we raised 250% more than they did last year (with another coordinator organizing the event), and that we made our target. But fuck, was it a lot of work! I'm so incredibly exhausted and still playing catch-up at my regular job. Still, I feel a sense of accomplishment; this was my first independent event planning contract I've taken on, and I feel that I did a really good job. I even got press! Check out this link for some local coverage we received. They want me to organize the event next year as well, but I'll be living in a cardboard box in London at the time. At least they want me!

Other than S4L, nothing is new. I haven't had time for anything else, and am really looking forward to a much-needed and richly deserved holiday to San Francisco next weekend. As my friends often note, I am quite good at finding great travel deals on the web. So, 4 nights hotel, airfare, and parking at the airport is costing each of us $388USD. Not bad! I plan to drink a ridiculous amount, sleep in every day, and cruise as many hot Amurrican boys as possible. Did I mention drinking?

Speaking of drinking, my brother will be visiting in a couple of weeks, although we were initially going to meet up in New York. It's his 30th birthday on the 29th, and he's decided he'd rather visit me here than spend the money on hotels in NYC. Seeing as it's his 30th and not mine, I figured it made sense to do what he wanted to do, so here I stay. I'll take him somewhere heterosexual, I suppose, for his birthday, and get him liquored up enough that he likely won't remember a goddamned detail. I miss him since he moved back home, and it'll be nice to have him back, if only for a week. Who knew two people who hated each other so intensely for their entire childhoods could become so close?

Sadly, there's not too much else to write about. I'm still single and sexless, busy as hell and looking forward to London. The official last day at work is August 31, then it's off to Jolly Old England! My friends are going to meet me in London shortly after I settle, and we're going to visit Prague, Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona. Looks like I've got some hotel job prospects, and I should be gainfully employed by October. Still in touch with the lad I met at Hallowe'en, and look forward to seeing how things go when we actually live in the same city. A very good friend of mine is planning to visit at New Year's, and we're hoping to ring it in under the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps near the Coliseum in Rome... I can't believe that I'll actually have a European address, at least for a while. Thankfully, I've got a home for my cats while I'm gone (thanks Mom). That's another post, one I may write when I can take the time to delve into the last 17 years of my life.

It's always interesting to read the blogs of my friends in Toronto - those with a much greater ability to engage through written word - and somehow makes me feel like I'm still in the fold. Rest assured that while I don't blog often, I'm always interested to read the updates on what is new in your world. Love and miss you all...