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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I knew I'd be bad at this

So I'm not gonna win "blogger of the year". Whatev. I'm busy, okay?

What's new, you ask? Well, I've started packing, for one. More like organzing to begin packing, but let's call it packing for short. I'm throwing out crap (wow, am I a packrat), and separating that which I wish to keep from that which I wish to sell. The "keep" pile is much, much smaller than the "sell" pile. This of course is due to the cost of shipping my Ikea-filled home all the way across the pond... I'll just buy new stuff there. I'm keeping the personal effects most dear to me, some clothes, and that's about it. And contrary to Eric's image of what my apartment looks like (which, I think, is limited to a twin mattress on a floor in a corner and a small table), I have accumulated a full-sized apartment of furniture and accessories since I moved in 4 years ago. I even own power tools!

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my cats. I was going to take them with me initially, but thought that if I decided to come back in a year, that would be an unnecessary trauma to inflict. Then I thought my brother could look after them as they know him, but it appears he's staying with my mom for a while longer, and my step-father is less than keen to take in two cats. So now I'm back to taking them with me. The problem is that the process for "home quarantine" is six-months from the date the blood-work is sent to the lab in Wisconsin (or somewhere else like that), and that will delay my trip by two months. So, it looks like I could be in Vancouver for an additional two months.

Nevertheless, the process is underway! I received my grandfather's long-form birth certificate, as well as my own. My mom sent me hers a few years back, so I have all the documents I need to apply for my visa. I have to say that I freaked out a little bit when I got the documents, as it suddenly became real to me that I am leaving. Of course, I'm excited, but it is a little scary to be uprooting such a comfortable life here. Luckily I have a safety net with my leave of absence from my job, so if London sucks, or the cardboard box I'm certain I'll be living in rips, I can always come home. Got some excellent advice from Hamish, even if he does question the merit of moving to London. Thanks Hame!

Other exciting news: I bought an iPod nano. It is, without question, the sexiest little machine I've ever owned. It holds 716 songs of my choice and is with me wherever I go. Take that, possible boyfriends! Who needs ya?

I'm starting to train for the Vancouver SunRun. I'm excited, because this is the third time I'll have participated, and the second time I'll have run the entire course. Not bad for a fat fuck! Last year, I took it "slow & steady", but didn't walk any of the 10k. It was quite an accomplishment for me, as I hadn't trained for the race at all. This year, I'm hoping to run the course in 50minutes. That's still twice the time of the winner, but will mean a 15minute improvement of my time. Running is sooo much easier now that I have my nano; I'd been running with a disc player up until now, and even with 40-second skip protection, the fucker would still skip on me. With my beautiful nano, not only is it light, and holds 1/3 of my music collection, but it never skips! God bless digital technology.

Well, that's about it. I'll try to make my next post a little shorter, and a little sooner. I can't promise it will be any more interesting, but I think that could be said of most blogs I read. Oh, that reminds me, we had a blogger's convention at my facility this past week. I won't go into what that looked like, except to point out how strange it was to see 30 or so grown men doing yoga on the floor -- no mats, mind you -- with their laptops at their side. Fuckin weird.